Turn Yourself Into a Human Optical Illusion

I think it is odd that society has formed stereotypes of what is good looking. Jenna has created an entire fan base by being nothing but herself. I think this is pop culture because she is unique and people find her funny because she pokes fun at society and how we view it in our culture.


If I Could Turn Back Time

I think this is what it truly means to have freedom. I think it is a food thing that women have the right to speak so openly about their own rights. I am not a huge fan of politics but this is one extreme where politics becomes impossible to avoid. Plus I am a HUGE Cher fan.

Anatomy of Pop Culture: Language



Social media has changed the way we speak in our everyday lives. Although this is not a new concept, it is an idea that had not been related to todays culture. Will all of the new medias on the internet it has become common in todays world to use words in the way we speak that used to only belong on the internet. Language is constantly becoming and evolving and it is becoming popular and pop culture. I think The Platform is perfect at explaining this concept and poking fun at social media.

Is pop culture really making us smarter?


While watching Steven Berlin Johnson commenting on his book “Everything Bad is Good for You” I started to wonder if the concept of his book was accurate. He began on the theory that interactive learning through pop culture was informative and requires a more complex way of thinking and effetely learning.

He gave an example of his seven-year-old nephew learning about industrial taxes through the video game Sim City. I then theorized that this form of learning maybe an effect though the use of technology and its constant use in the millennial generation. In a world where there is constant exposure though the Internet and social media a generation of people have become programmed to participate in constant communication and media.

Does this constant communication and attachment to social media really make us smarter or does it just informed to keep up with our daily social lives? I believe the that Johnson makes a valid point in that pop culture can educate and inform people, but I believe that on a subconscious level we are educated though pop culture I think it is up to us to use out knowledge to our benefit.